Brown-throated Parakeet

Brown-throated Parakeet or prikichiThe Caribbean parakeet or Brown-throated parakeet (Prikichi in Papiamentu) is very common on Bonaire. This parakeet looks like the yellow-shouldered parrot, but this parakeet is smaller (about 10 inch) and has a distinctive yellow / orange coloured head. They live mainly in areas with shrubs, cacti and tropical deciduous forests. Besides the unique colour combination, these parakeets have a squeaky call whereas the lora a deep squawk.

The birds are often seen in small groups and in the evening they form large groups by gathering in large trees. Their daily menu consists of seeds and fruits of various plants, trees and cacti.


They make nests in a termite mound or tree trunk where they usually lay 3 or 4 eggs.


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